The problem with daygame

So I was reading Krauser’s blog and noticed that he has another post up called “The 10 Invisible Barriers To Daygame“.

It is a well written post. And I do believe the guy is pretty damn successful at daygame (just watch a video of him and you can tell within 15 seconds of him speaking that he is a cool guy who has his life together). But… I think he reaches the wrong conclusions, or at least gives into commercial impulses a bit and mentions the right conclusions, but puts the wrong emphasis on each.

8. Quality overreach
When you see a really hot girl with a boyfriend, have a good look at him. He’s not a short pot-bellied old man with a comb-over and ill-fitting Primark t-shirt is he? Hot girls only have sex with high value men. Now, as daygamers we are lucky that there is a carefully-honed system to deliver that value in a short space of time but….. the value has to be there. The single biggest piece of value a daygamer can have (and which at least 60% don’t have) is… a personality.

The fuck ladder is real. If you’re currently getting occasional 5s then you needn’t bother opening higher than a 6. By all means do so as an experiment in breaking limiting beliefs but know that you’ve got no hope in hell of fucking them. Go dig up a photo of the hottest girl you fucked in the last two years. That’s what you should be opening. If she’s a 5 then leave the catwalk models to the men who actually have a chance.


And yes, you probably bristled at the last two paragraphs. Going for turbo-hotties that blow you out is actually avoidance – you are avoiding girls you might fuck because getting blown out by the 6s is a bigger blow to your ego.

But the real solution to this is to improve yourself, not to buy a book on approaching during the day or night time. If this isn’t explicitly hammered home, but is only mentioned in passing, then the guys reading his blog will unfortunately gloss over it as well. But sorting your body and life out is something that every guy is trying to do anyway, and so are less inclined to buy a book on it, as they already feel that they are somewhat experts… fair play to Krauser, he probably would rather be teaching this, but his students want an easily digestible book that can be consumed in the comfort of their own home, not gym sessions, travel, education, and everything else that makes a guy cooler. So he is stuck giving the customer what he wants (I do think he goes as far as saying most of his customers are stupid for wanting that).

To speak about actual experiences, I did a few months daygame approaches down in Brighton England while I was there. I got a few dates with few decent girls, but for me it was just more approaches. My life was still a mess due to physical illness, and more approaches was just more approaches. Once I had those approaches done I was still going to have the same quality of girls and relationships as before. The only solution is to improve myself by trying to improve my physical health, which is still ongoing… right now I am slowly morphing into that fat bloke in the picture.

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